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When you have an issue with your home’s foundation, it is crucial that you get the best possible repair possible in order to prevent major damage to your house. If you live in Oregon and need foundation repair services in West Haven-Sylvan, OR, you should consult TerraFirma Foundation Systems for issues with Basement Waterproofing or Crawl Space Encapsulation West Haven-Sylvan. A foundation that has serious damage is a foundation that can cost you as much as hundreds of thousands of dollars in harm to your property.

Mudjacking Services in Oregon

Any time you look around the base of your home and see foundation cracks in the concrete that are a quarter of an inch or larger, it is necessary not only to fix the concrete but to ensure that the underlying foundation problems are also solved. Usually crack repair addresses water underneath a home that has caused soil to shift. Treating this is known as mudjacking — using helical piers to excavate and elevate a foundation so that the soil underneath a home can be drained. These piers will dig deep into the earth and then raise up the entire house inch by slow inch so that the foundation repair team can monitor and address any issues with the concrete base.

How To Prevent Seepage In A Basement

Even if you do not need foundation repair when water collects beneath a house, you may need to prevent Oregon seepage of moisture into a basement. Basement finishing requires extensive waterproofing in order to eliminate moisture, with drainage systems that will carry water out of a home. Drain tile or sheets coat the drainage system, concealing it to the casual eye, while also delivering basement water out of and away from your home. Sometimes this utilizes a French drain, a trench of gravel and rock, that will vent water into the ground instead of pooling it at the surface.

Crawl Space Encapsulation in West Haven-Slyvan

crawl space encapsulation from TerraFirma Foundation SystemsThere is a good chance that the crawl space in your attic or storage is damp, musty, and full of fungus. Crawl space ventilation is the best way to eliminate harmful fungus that causes respiratory issues, while crawl space waterproofing eliminates the crawl space moisture that will cause further biological growth in difficult-to-clean areas. Installing a crawl space vent in West Haven-Sylvan, furthermore, will blow out the dust that otherwise leads to buildup and accumulation, ending in a particularly uncomfortable place in your home. If necessary, crawl space repair will be used to patch up roof tiles or boards that fail to keep the elements out.

If you have had any problems with Oregon foundation repair, you can call TerraFirma for a free consultation and estimate of the damages. When you have a large issue to tackle like Basement Waterproofing in West Haven-Sylvan or crawl space encapsulation, it is crucial that you get professional help in order to make sure that your valuable real estate is not severely harmed. Getting the best possible treatment will prevent a modest problem from turning into a major complication.


For all of your foundation repair, basement waterproofing and crawl space encapsulation in West Haven-Sylvan. Contact TerraFirma Foundation Systems today.