Portland Underpinning Contractor: Repairing Failing Foundations

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Portland underpinning contractorA good foundation is necessary before building any structure. However, if you engage the services of non-experts, the results will be a structure which is bound to fail. Poor workmanship has led to many buildings suffering from subsidence. There are several methods of underpinning which can be used to rectify this problem by making the foundation stable and strong. If you are facing such a problem, you can call on a Portland underpinning contractor. Some of the methods which can be used to stabilize your property include the following.

Concrete Underpinning

This method makes use of pits which are dug underneath the foundation to be supported. After the excavation, the pits are filled with concrete to create another foundation under the existing one. You can use a Portland underpinning contractor to stabilize foundations at shallow depth or even depths of up to 50 feet. The beauty of using this method is that you can still continue to live in your home as the work continues underneath.

Needle Beams

This method of underpinning makes use of piles which are installed to support the existing wall. Your Portland underpinning contractor will make a pocket below the ground which can fit a needle beam. It is these connecting piles which support the structure. Different spacing between the needle beams can accommodate varying loads. You can go for this method if the foundation is too deep or it is too expensive to dig under the foundation.

Cantilever Beams

Your Portland underpinning contractor installs two mini piles. One acts as the compression pile while the other acts as the tension pile. After the installation, a concrete beam connects the two piles with the wall to be reinforced. This method is economical if access is only available from one side. In addition, the installed cantilever beams can easily accommodate high loads.

Underpinning Raft

An experienced Portland underpinning contractor will use this method to stabilize the foundations of a whole building. This is achieved by installing needle beams under the property to be supported. These beams are not just placed haphazardly but at the right spot so as to distribute the load of the whole structure evenly. Mini piles are then installed within the structure. Finally, a ring beam is constructed before concrete is poured. This method creates a new floor slab and does not interrupt and drainage systems.

It is advisable to use the services of a Portland underpinning contractor who is licensed by the state. Remember to have a written contract with written warranties covering the sub business of the contractor.

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