Portland Mudjacking Company Saves Concrete Parking Lots

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Portland mudjacking companyConcrete parking areas offer many advantages over asphalt. The concrete parking lot can last for years while the asphalt may need to be replaced many different times. However, uneven settling underneath the parking lot can cause different sections to tip and crack. At one time, the only hope for this type of settling of concrete was to rip out the section fill the area underneath and compact the soil again before pouring new concrete. However, today, a Portland mudjacking company offers help for uneven concrete parking lots.

Instead or removing the settled concrete, the Portland mudjacking company can pump a slurry of concrete, water and soil through the concrete to lift it back to match the remainder of the parking lot. The process ensures that the additional cost of the concrete parking area is not lost due to uneven settling. Mudjacking can restore the sections so that the parking lot is as level as it was the day it was originally poured.

Before attempting to level any concrete slab, the Portland mudjacking company will begin by evaluating the job. If the soil underneath the slab is unstable or swampy, mudjacking may not be the best option. In these cases, the contractor may offer other solutions that are more appropriate to stabilize the concrete. If the underlying soil will support the mudjacking process, many companies offer a guarantee for their work.

In addition to the services to restore parking areas, the Portland mudjacking company can help to restore many other types of concrete slabs. Homes or businesses that are constructed using a concrete slab floor can also benefit, if the concrete has started to settle. In addition, the process is useful when sections of sidewalks start to settle and create trip hazards for anyone walking on the surface. Cracks in garage floors can also be repaired with this type of service. Even roadways often benefit from the hydraulic lift offered through mudjacking.

A Portland mudjacking company offers a less expensive and more effective way to repair concrete slabs. In many cases, use of this process can reduce the need to remove and replace slabs that do not have the proper support underneath. While not appropriate for all cases of settling concrete, the process works in many situations. The process can be used with slabs of all sizes, from small 4×4 sidewalks to large slabs that are laid side by side in parking lots to those that form the floors of large commercial operations.

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