Residential Foundation Repair Portland, OR

To affect a permanent cure for Oregon foundation problems, you must first ascertain the root cause of sloped, warped, or cracked components.

Residential Foundation Crack Repair Services in Portland, ORTerraFirma Foundation Systems is a fully licensed, certified Oregon foundation repair specialist. The firm has been firmly devoted to affecting satisfactory long-term solutions for satisfied customers for more than two decades. This extensive experience has given our field technicians the vast knowledge bases and competence to accurately diagnose and cure your problems. Completion of our average project consumes less than a single week. A comprehensive written warranty is also provided to ensure your full and complete satisfaction with all systems and workmanship. Thus, you may securely rest upon the assurance that your foundation problem has been fixed – once and for all.

As a professional residential foundation repair service Oregon, we resolve major structural dysfunctions like stairstep foundational cracks, drywall buckling, and sagging floor surfaces. Such difficulties drastically diminish the overall resale value of any Oregon home or commercial building. Our innovative foundation repair systems Oregon are designed with respositioning your structure so as to put it – and you – back on solid ground.

Regardless of the particular type of foundation problem you present, TerraFirma Foundation Systems techs are able to conduct comprehensive inspections necessary to accurately identify the source of infrastructural compromise.

Commercial Foundation Repair Portland

Our Portland Commercial Foundation Repair Services Include:

  1. Helical tension anchoring
  2. Helical pile installing
  3. Resistance piering support systems
  4. General foundation repair
  5. Structural engineering support and service
  6. Weightload testing
  7. Foundational design
  8. Restorative foundation repair

Basement Finishing and Waterproofing Services PortlandLet TerraFirma Foundation Systems pave the way for future development with our high-quality, long-lasting commercial building Portland foundation services. Our years of hard-earned experience, practical knowledge, technical expertise, and commercial construction acumen guarantees a perfect finish to a fantastic professional performance.

Basement Waterproofing Services Portland

Basement leakage and moisture damage due to excessive water accumulation is a serious problem in Portland.  Water may infiltrate any area wherein sealant compromise has occurred. This includes floor surfaces, drywall, structural assembly joists, and outer framework. Concrete is subject to water saturation due to its porous character.

Basement Waterproofing and Wall Covering Installation Portland, ORMost of our competitors employ substandard waterproofing basement Portland procedures that quickly degrade and require costly “retouches.” By contrast, TerraFirma exclusively utilizes Basement Systems, Inc. basement waterproofing Portland techniques and products. All such systems and materials have been thoroughly tested, patented, developed, and perfected by the biggest basement waterproofing network in the world.

Call and set up an on-site inspection by one of our certified basement waterproofing Oregon experts today. These dedicated professionals will gladly demonstrate the best resolution to your concrete dilemmas in a most concrete manner.

Portland Professional Crawl Space Vapor Barrier Installation

Crawl Space Encapsulation and Vapor Barrier Installation PortlandTerraFirma Foundation Systems specializes in resolving crawl space issues with innovative techniques gleaned from two decades of solid, practical applications. No problem is too hard for TerraFirma to solve!

Installing a crawl space vapor barrier helps prevent subsequent costly repairs and creates a healthier overall environment. Encapsulated basement areas also reduce utility costs with additional air escape blockage.

Sump Pump Installation Portland

Sump Pump Installation and Basement Drainage OregonSump pumps are essential structural enhancements that effectively control basement water penetration levels. TerraFirma Systems installs only high-quality castiron sump pumps with proven reliability perfected by in-use performance since 1987. These top-of-the-line sump pumps incorporate backup batter systems to ensure optimal operation even during temporary power outages.

We begin the sump pump Portland installation process by carefully assessing your home or commercial building’s water control deficiencies. When sump pump installation is indicated, we implement customized plans to handle voluminous water overflow. Such solutions provide excellent rerouting of deleterious waterflow away from your structure before it washes all your plans away in its path.