How To Deal With Foundation Crack and Repair In Portland Homes

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A crack in your homes foundation is cause for alarm. It normally portends larger problems foundation crack repair Portlandthat may occur in future. Hence, this is a problem you must address forthwith or risk costly damages later on. When you detect fissures in your homes foundation, it is time to summon foundation repair Portland experts to deal with the problem before it gets out of hand.
So what exactly cause foundations to crack? It is almost impossible to clearly point out the causes if you are not an engineer, contractor or foundation repair Portland expert. However, soil quality and moisture content are the major causes of shifts in building foundations. Uneven soil structure and irregular moisture content in soil may cause the foundation to shift and pull apart, leading to crack formation.
Foundation repair Portland experts trace problems in soil settling to poor workmanship by the original builders. Poorly tamped footers underneath the house and the use of loose dirt to level out the ground before laying the foundation are the major causes of settling soil. Conversely, differing moisture content in soil can also cause cracks on the foundation. Soil normally shrinks when it is dry and expands when filled with water. Therefore, when there are differences in moisture content beneath the foundation, trouble is never too far off. Varying pressure from the concrete, bricks and stone blocks that make up the foundation are likely to trigger crack formation.
A homeowner may wonder about the next step to take once they notice signs of a cracked foundation in their house. The first thing to do is notify a professional structural engineer to come and evaluate the extent of the damage. A qualified engineer not only surveys the damage, they also recommend the necessary steps to take in order to restore the foundation. The engineer may also come in handy as a neutral third party, to assist in comparing bids from foundation crack repair Portland contractors.
The structural engineer may recommend two ways of dealing with the cracks. First, there is mud jacking, which entails pumping of grout (concrete mixture) beneath the foundation, in order to heave it up to its previous height. This is the ideal way of dealing with cracked foundations because of shifting soil structure. The second solution involves the use of piers to shore up uneven soil beneath the foundation. Foundation repair Portland experts drill steel piers underneath the foundation and attach them to its walls, to hoist it to its previous height.

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