How Portland Crawl Space Encapsulation Protects People and Buildings

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Portland crawl space encapsulation keeps allergens and moisture from growing in the small, dark places. The moisture that occurs naturally encourages mold and rot to form and grow. By wrapping the crawl space in a vapor proof barrier, the moisture stays away from this vulnerable area. Professionals quickly transform these dusty, dirty, wet, pest-infected areas under houses into clean, dry safety zones.


Stops Mold


Once the crawl space is dried out and the protective shield installed, mold and other allergens cannot grow and spread. One third of the air people breathe comes from basements or crawl spaces. Humans are not just bothered with the mold spores that circulate throughout the building, dust mites also thrive in these moist, dark climates. According to tests, the feces from dust mites contain more than 15 potent allergens. These allergens affect 10% of the general population and 90% of people with asthma. Untreated dust mites quickly reproduce. Portland crawl space encapsulationprotects homeowners and their families from these debilitating problems.


Stops Rot


Moisture creates rot which eats away wood. Over a long enough period of time, building supports weaken and begin to crumble. Many times homeowners are unaware of the problem until they notice they cannot open or close a door all the way, a floor begins to slope or the floor feels spongy when walking. Dry spaces keep buildings intact. Portland crawl space encapsulation eliminates the cause of many expensive foundation repairs and saves homeowners money.


Improves Comfort


Some energy studies claim homes with a conditioned crawl space save 20% of their heating and cooling costs. When Portland crawl space encapsulation is done, the floor is warmer. Children, cats and dogs enjoy their comfortable surroundings more. Many satisfied customers report that they notice the difference on their feet. After all, the air temperature under the house is closer to the air temperature in the house once the vapor shield has been installed. In addition, homeowners have fewer problems with spiders and other insects. This process eliminates the hidden homes of these unwelcome and unwanted house guests.


With this simple process, homeowners can have cleaner, safer air to breathe. By eliminating moisture, wood support beams stay intact eliminating expensive foundation repairs. Utility bills are reduced because the temperature of the crawl space is controlled. People are more comfortable in their main floor living area. Portland crawl space encapsulation makes this magic happen; all it takes to get started is a telephone call.

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