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Foundation Crack Repair In Columbia County, OR

Foundation Crack Repair Services Provided By TerraFirma Foundation SystemsTerraFirma Foundation Systems in Columbia County, Oregon is a company that builds and repairs foundations for residential and commercial structures of all kinds. TerraFirma can help you recognize the signs of a cracked, leaking or crumbling foundation, including cracks along basement walls, bowing walls, cracking drywall or jammed doors and windows. Their contractors are certified specifically for this work, and use quality products that carry solid warranties.

Foundation repair in Columbia County, OR performs comprehensive foundation work. This includes foundation drain, slab jacking, foundation leak work, home foundation repair and concrete foundation repair. TerraFirma will perform a complete inspection to develop an estimate for work, and may use a variety of techniques to make your home or building safe and stable. These services may include:

-Foundation wall stabilization to prevent exterior soils from bowing walls inwards

-Concrete lifting using polymer injection lifts or steel piers. This technique is a less disruptive and less expensive alternative to demolishing and replacing a sinking foundation.

-Mud jacking. This is another method for lifting sinking concrete slabs or exterior structures. Using a mixture that is solid and stable when dry. TerraFirma will pump the mixture under the structure to lift it up.

 Columbia County, OR Basement Insulation

TerraFirma performs all types of foundation work and related repairs. Basement waterproofing Columbia County, Oregon is a vital part of this work, because maintaining a dry basement helps prevent future foundation problems. With the basement wet, mold can grow, moisture can seep into the foundation and the walls and extensive damage can develop over time. This will result in cracks in basement floors, floor basement degradation and more. TerraFirma will perform wall crack repair, wall waterproofing and dehumidification of damp basements. To keep it dry, they will install their patented waterproofing system and a sump pump if necessary.

 Crawl Space Waterproofing In Columbia County OR

Type a search for crawl space encapsulation in Columbia County OR and you are sure to see the name TerraFirma pop up in the search results. They are experts in crawl space repair and crawlspace ventilation and can eliminate crawl space moisture. They will perform crawl space waterproofing to ensure moisture is sealed out and mold can’t grow. They have a number of methods for keeping your crawlspace dry, including vapor barrier installation, crawl space vent installation, and dehumidification units. A damp and musty crawl space can cause rotting of metal and wood, mold growth and higher utility bills, so be sure to let the TerraFirma experts examine your crawlspace today.

Crawl Space Waterproofing By TerraFirma Foundation SystemsA home is only as safe and clean as its unseen structures, and when those structures are weakening, it begins to show on the inside of the home. Some of these signs include bowing walls, a musty smell you can’t quite place, family members developing allergies, cracks in exterior and interior walls, exterior stairs or patios that appear to be sinking, and many more. Left alone, these problems will get worse, and the longer you give them to cause damage, the more expensive it will be to fix it. Don’t wait until a manageable problem gets too big, call TerraFirma for a free estimate. TerraFirma Foundation Systems will fix and restore your home or building’s foundation to better than new condition, and their foundation repair in Oregon reputation is impeccable.


TerraFirma Foundation Systems basement waterproofing service and Crawl Space Encapsulation in Columbia County, OR service will ensure that your home stays clean, dry and most importantly, safe, for generations to come. Call today!