Case Study: Helical Tiebacks

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A Summary Of The Helical Tiebacks Challenge


Helical Tieback Support From TerraFirma Foundation SystemsA gabion basket retaining wall, 250 ft in length, was earmarked for construction alongside a wooded hillside in Portland, Oregon. This wall would facilitate slope excavations and foundation support for the intention of building and maintaining a rambling trail beneath. The pre-construction hillside environment prevented project site access via truck mounted, or standard, track drill rigs. Hand auger boring measurements carried out to depths of roughly nine ft at the wall base, and inside the proposed retained soil, discovered extremely stiff to medium stiff clayey silt. Consequently, the wall’s taller sections would need anchors, or helical tiebacks, to offer lateral stability.


Work Completed:

The design of the OR gabion wall utilized seventy-three helical tiebacks. These were employed to support working design loads of five, ten, fifteen and twenty kips. These tiebacks were fitted at a six degree from horizontal downward trajectory, and were spaced at either ten or five ft. All tiebacks were developed to a torque correlated optimum capacity of at least double the working load of the design. Then, the tiebacks were linked to the C Channel walers and broad flange beam inside the gabion baskets. Afterward, crushed rocks were positioned round the walers and tiebacks. The fitting and testing of the tiebacks was finished in a week.


To view the complete details of this case study, you may download the report here (pdf): Case Study: Helical Tiebacks

Case Study: Helical Piles

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The Difference Between Helical Piles And Micropiles


The Challenge

TerraFirma Foundatioin Systems Installs Helical PilesIn downtown Portland, a client planned to add a third story and seismic upgrades to a two-story building, built in the 1920s. A structural evaluation found that the building was constructed of unreinforced concrete and wooden frames. The proposed renovation required the installation of three columns supported by a grade beam of Reinforced Concrete, three feet in width and forty feet in length, underneath the building. This required inserting micropiles into the soil beneath the site. However, a geotechnical survey of the site revealed that the soil was composed of four feet of silt underlain by alluvial soil. This made the micropiles unsuitable as Structural Underpinning.


The Solution

The client approached TerraFirma Foundation Systems, OR, and discussed the possibility of using Helical Piles instead of micropiles. A tension load test proved the Helical Piles suitable for the design load. In due course, the Helical Piles were installed to a depth of thirty-two feet below the bottom of the grade beam, with the construction brackets of the pile tops cast into it. The job was carried out in two days, with minimum disruption to the construction schedule. This Foundation Support procedure is a good example of Seismic Retrofitting that is available to property owners in Oregon.


To view the complete details of this case study, you may download the report here (pdf): Case Study: Helical Piles

Get A Foundation Inspection Portland For A New Or Existing Home

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foundation inspection PortlandWhether you have cracked basement floors or are considering the purchase of a new home foundation inspection Portland can help. Licensed contractors will come out and inspect the foundation and recommend any repairs that it may need. For new homes it is a good idea to have an expert look at the foundation if there are any obvious concerns. Sometimes there are hidden problems that may be missed on a regular home inspection.

When the foundation settles sometimes problems can arise. You may notice cracks along the basement walls or on the basement floor if the area is not finished. This is a sign that the foundation may require some type of repair. Other signs of settling include doors not closing properly or beginning to rub at the top of the door frame. Many homes will settle and this is often due to the type of soil in the area. A foundation inspection Portland has many different remedies available, depending on the type of problem.

Homes can seem fine for several decades then experience some cracking along the basement walls or floors. Over time the soil can shift. A foundation inspection Portland can come out and make a free recommendation as to the type of repair to address the situation. Repairs such as piering are often needed. When the process is finished the professionals may recommend additional measures such as installing additional drainage to pull the water away from the basement and the base of the home.

Buying a new home can be an exciting time for many people. However, finding out later that the foundation has some issues can quickly take the excitement and pride of home ownership away. It is always best to identify costly repair issues before purchasing a home. A home inspector may find obvious issues in the basement. But a professional foundation inspection Portland can find problems that are not so obvious. In many cases recommendations for repairs may be less costly if caught early. Prospective home buyers can then decide how to proceed or whether the home is worth making an offer.

New construction has its share of problems. Sometimes settling occurs as a home is being built. A newly built home can also develop problems with the foundation. Before the final touches are put on the home a foundation inspection Portland can help ensure that everything is up to code and that settling has not occurred which could cause damage in the future.

Portland Mudjacking Company Saves Concrete Parking Lots

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Portland mudjacking companyConcrete parking areas offer many advantages over asphalt. The concrete parking lot can last for years while the asphalt may need to be replaced many different times. However, uneven settling underneath the parking lot can cause different sections to tip and crack. At one time, the only hope for this type of settling of concrete was to rip out the section fill the area underneath and compact the soil again before pouring new concrete. However, today, a Portland mudjacking company offers help for uneven concrete parking lots.

Instead or removing the settled concrete, the Portland mudjacking company can pump a slurry of concrete, water and soil through the concrete to lift it back to match the remainder of the parking lot. The process ensures that the additional cost of the concrete parking area is not lost due to uneven settling. Mudjacking can restore the sections so that the parking lot is as level as it was the day it was originally poured.

Before attempting to level any concrete slab, the Portland mudjacking company will begin by evaluating the job. If the soil underneath the slab is unstable or swampy, mudjacking may not be the best option. In these cases, the contractor may offer other solutions that are more appropriate to stabilize the concrete. If the underlying soil will support the mudjacking process, many companies offer a guarantee for their work.

In addition to the services to restore parking areas, the Portland mudjacking company can help to restore many other types of concrete slabs. Homes or businesses that are constructed using a concrete slab floor can also benefit, if the concrete has started to settle. In addition, the process is useful when sections of sidewalks start to settle and create trip hazards for anyone walking on the surface. Cracks in garage floors can also be repaired with this type of service. Even roadways often benefit from the hydraulic lift offered through mudjacking.

A Portland mudjacking company offers a less expensive and more effective way to repair concrete slabs. In many cases, use of this process can reduce the need to remove and replace slabs that do not have the proper support underneath. While not appropriate for all cases of settling concrete, the process works in many situations. The process can be used with slabs of all sizes, from small 4×4 sidewalks to large slabs that are laid side by side in parking lots to those that form the floors of large commercial operations.

Portland Underpinning Contractor: Repairing Failing Foundations

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Portland underpinning contractorA good foundation is necessary before building any structure. However, if you engage the services of non-experts, the results will be a structure which is bound to fail. Poor workmanship has led to many buildings suffering from subsidence. There are several methods of underpinning which can be used to rectify this problem by making the foundation stable and strong. If you are facing such a problem, you can call on a Portland underpinning contractor. Some of the methods which can be used to stabilize your property include the following.

Concrete Underpinning

This method makes use of pits which are dug underneath the foundation to be supported. After the excavation, the pits are filled with concrete to create another foundation under the existing one. You can use a Portland underpinning contractor to stabilize foundations at shallow depth or even depths of up to 50 feet. The beauty of using this method is that you can still continue to live in your home as the work continues underneath.

Needle Beams

This method of underpinning makes use of piles which are installed to support the existing wall. Your Portland underpinning contractor will make a pocket below the ground which can fit a needle beam. It is these connecting piles which support the structure. Different spacing between the needle beams can accommodate varying loads. You can go for this method if the foundation is too deep or it is too expensive to dig under the foundation.

Cantilever Beams

Your Portland underpinning contractor installs two mini piles. One acts as the compression pile while the other acts as the tension pile. After the installation, a concrete beam connects the two piles with the wall to be reinforced. This method is economical if access is only available from one side. In addition, the installed cantilever beams can easily accommodate high loads.

Underpinning Raft

An experienced Portland underpinning contractor will use this method to stabilize the foundations of a whole building. This is achieved by installing needle beams under the property to be supported. These beams are not just placed haphazardly but at the right spot so as to distribute the load of the whole structure evenly. Mini piles are then installed within the structure. Finally, a ring beam is constructed before concrete is poured. This method creates a new floor slab and does not interrupt and drainage systems.

It is advisable to use the services of a Portland underpinning contractor who is licensed by the state. Remember to have a written contract with written warranties covering the sub business of the contractor.

How To Repair Foundation In Portland

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repair foundation in PortlandResidents of Oregon who need repair foundation in Portland but have not been able to find a reliable repair company need not worry; foundation repair happens to be Terra Firma’s area of expertise and the basement systems the company offers would suit any conditions in Portland. Things like sticky doors and windows that do not open easily are quite common in homes and offices and much of the problem has to do with the a building’s foundation needing repair.

Foundation problems may also include cracked drywall and flooding in the basement because of poor workmanship by previous contractors. Modern systems used in foundation repair make it possible to undo the damage fast before it starts to eat away at the building. In order to get proper repair foundation in Portland, homeowners need to assess the situation properly before contacting professionals so that they know where the problem is coming from. This should not be a problem though, as customers are provided with a noncommittal inspection routine to be able to diagnose the problem.

In order to obtain a properly installed foundation and maintain it, proper measures have to be taken, but it is comforting to know that the prices are kept at reasonable rates for any situation. Foundation repair experts are happy to do repairs and they have been trained well enough to handle any case. Also included in the repair foundation in Portland certified help team are a bunch of products useful in the repair process and guaranteed to make the repair work much more efficient. The key is to solve the problem and take the right steps to make sure it does not happen again.

Common among the causes of repair foundation in Portland and in particular basement flooding is lack of a proper waterproofing system to keep the basement dry through the seasons. Having a properly installed and functional waterproofing system will be vital to keeping the basement dry the entire year. Most homeowners who struggle with flooded basements usually have the ill luck of working with inexperienced technicians who misdiagnose the problem and offer inaccurate solutions.

All parts that constitute the full structure of a building have to be working seamlessly without any hitches in order to for a building to experience long life and when one part breaks down, it starts to affect other areas. Contact repair foundation in Portland the next time you notice your crawl space growing mold.

Hire a Professional Portland Foundation Repair Company

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Homeowners in the Portland area who are experiencing problems with their home’s foundation should contact a Portland foundation repair company as soon as possible. As with most things, foundation problems that are left unattended often escalate and create even bigger and harder to manage issues. At the first sign of trouble, it is important to get your foundation issues dealt with in order to avoid additional costs associated with increased damage.


A Portland foundation repair company will be able to come out and assess your home’s foundation and give you a no-obligation inspection. They will thoroughly evaluate any problems you may be concerned with as well as provide a complete inspection for hidden damage that you may not even know exists. Read more »

Portland Basement Leak Repair – Fixing Problems Before They Become

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While a basement is a convenient feature for any house, and one that adds to its overall value, it comes with a host of potential problems of which homeowners need to be aware. Vigilance and good maintenance are the best defense against serious problems that can occur throughout the house, but the basement has a way of being easily overlooked. Sometimes basements simply have growing problems that are difficult to detect. Some signs and reasons for Portland basement leak repair range from damage building over time to the growth of potentially deadly molds.


Spring cleaning is a good time to check over the whole house for signs of problems that winter’s harsh cycles may have caused, and special care should be taken with the basement. Read more »

How Portland Crawl Space Encapsulation Protects People and Buildings

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Portland crawl space encapsulation keeps allergens and moisture from growing in the small, dark places. The moisture that occurs naturally encourages mold and rot to form and grow. By wrapping the crawl space in a vapor proof barrier, the moisture stays away from this vulnerable area. Professionals quickly transform these dusty, dirty, wet, pest-infected areas under houses into clean, dry safety zones. Read more »

Signs You Need Portland Concrete Foundation Repair

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Owning your own home is a real pleasure most of the time. It comes with enjoying the Portland concrete foundation repairbenefits of tax deductions, the ability to decorate how you choose, and of course the space and quiet that you won’t enjoy if you rent an apartment. Perhaps you have been enjoying these benefits yourself for years or maybe only a few months, but now you may be spotting some signs that your home may have structural damage. The fact is that structural damage does indeed occur to many homes over time, and you will want to first learn some of the warning signs, and then take steps to have your home properly diagnosed and repaired if necessary by a Portland concrete foundation repair company.
Signs to Look For
So just what are some of the signs you need to look for that may indicate your home is in need of Portland concrete foundation repair? A home with foundation issues may have visible cracks or uneven surfaces in the drywall, moldings, or interior or exterior surfaces of the home. The floors may slope, and doors and cabinets may not close evenly as they once did. Sometimes the garage door and windows may not close properly, too. Read more »