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Foundation Repair Contractors Portland, OR

TerraFirma Foundation Systems a professional commercial foundation repair contractor Portland that provides exceptional results by utilizing innovative foundational piering systems to resolve infrastructural integrity issues like slumping surfaces and cracked flooring or drywall for all types of commercial and residential structures throughout Greater Portland.

Foundation Repair Contractors in Portland ORTerraFirma operators and owners have a keen comprehension of commercial and residential construction materials gained from more than two decades of practical experience as an industry leader. Our staff of trained technicians utilize their vast knowledge bases to ensure that every project is completed to the customer’s full satisfaction. We take pride in well-done jobs that provide peace of mind for property owners – every time any door to their premises is opened.


Commercial Foundation and Structural Repair in Portland OregonOur first and foremost goal as a commercial foundation repair contractor Portland is implementing permanent resolutions to challenging issues presented by large  differentials in physical settlement of varying surface areas.  Our unique piering process is the primary means by which we accomplish this aim. Pier installations that are completed during winter or summer months typically do not disturb surrounding landscapes. Extensive areas of limited access do not normally present a major hindrance in such circumstances and costs are relatively reasonable in comparison to other options that come with no long-term guarantee.  Each of our professional installers is fully certified and devoted to providing a comprehensive Portland foundational work repair effort that is 100-percent guaranteed to meet with your full satisfaction.

TerraFirma Foundation Systems has established procedures to ensure that engaging our services is painfree and simple:

Step 1:

Your first telephone contact is handled by a courteous operator who will schedule a no-cost inspection at the customer’s convenience;

Step 2:

A highly-trained, competent TerraFirma Foundation Systems inspector will closely examine all structural aspects of your business or residential premises. All existing foundational problems will be identified and diagnosed during this visit. You will also have the chance to ask any questions or voice any concerns to one of our certified professional foundation repair contractors Portland at that time.

Step 3:

TerraFirma Foundation Repair dispatches a full crew of professional installers to correct the problems that have plagued your life for far too long. Throughout all repair and installation processes, they take especial care to ensure that adjacent landscaping, concrete walkways or patios, utility lines, siding, fences, and lawns are disturbed as little as possible. The customer’s interests always remain their first and foremost professional concern and of the utmost importance to the team of professional foundation repair contractors Portland.

To meet with one of our basement waterproofing contractors Portland for an on-site inspection followed by a full consultation and complete written cost estimate, call immediately! Every quote is issued on a completely cost-free, no-obligation basis.

Structural Repair and Commerical Foundation Repair Portland Experts

Foundation Underpinning and Commercial Foundation Crack Repair Portland ORFor new buildings or construction projects throughout Greater Portland, we offer the best piering systems available to eliminate subsequent problems associated with settlement into sloped land surfaces. Most terrain within and around the Greater Portland, OR area is not level and most construction sites consequently require horizontal leveling. This process is properly accomplished by excavating into the hillside or filling in the surface with additional rock to level the foundational pad.

The Best Basement Waterproofing Contractors in Portland

Basement Waterproofing Contractors Portland ORTerraFirma Foundation Systems features great ground-floor finishing and drainage products that control water seepage and excess water overflow into adjacent crawlspace and basement areas. When it comes to drying things out, we provide the full range of innovative solutions that include modern sump pumps and other water discharging devices that conduct accumulated water away from basements and other similar substructures.

Having secured your basement against harmful moisture and mold residue, we provide floor and wall system installation that transforms interior areas into habitable space. Specialized encapsulation methods eliminate most issues associated with dirty crawlspaces.

Contact TerraFirma Foundation Systems today to arrange an on-site, cost-free inspection of your crawlspace, basement,or new construction project. One of our certified foundation repair contractors Portland will put your mind at ease by accurately diagnosing all your problems and prescribing a cost-effective remedy.